SMARTÉ SOLAR SYSTEMS®, LTD., is a provider of US manufactured, high powered, turnkey solar powered street lights , solar powered billboard and signage, solar powered bus shelters and solar powered surveillance camera systems. SSS®, Ltd., is an authorized manufacturer’s dealer, integrator and installer of photovoltaic systems.

Our ultra-reliable solar LED lighting systems are easy to install and require no maintenance for 5+ years. Our systems requires no electricity grid: SSS® installations are immune to power outages and resistant to sabotage. Our systems makes sense in that they provide citizens with safety and security for meeting, reading, and socializing, promoting commerce by opening at night, and improved quality of life by showing commitment to providing environmental solutions.

SSS® systems are environmentally responsible, reducing your carbon footprint and providing perhaps the most visible statements of “green”.

SSS® has been deploying various solar powered components since 2001. With over 40,000 systems installed in 61 countries, our manufacturers know how to provide Reliable, Renewable and Remarkable solar systems that are economic, easy to install, and fast to deploy for your solar application including: parking lots, pathways, parks, trails, roadways, campus areas, perimeter security, signs, billboards, transit, shelters and other remote applications. Visit or download our Solar products Catalog.
See us in action below:

Ahmadu Bello Way, Opposite Federal Palace, Lagos, Nigeria

Keffi Street, Lagos, Nigeria

Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria

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