Solar Security Cameras

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Our manufacturer, Sun Surveillance is leading the way with SolsticeCam, our line of wireless solar powered security cameras for CCTV outdoor remote video monitoring. With recent advances in wireless technology, Solsticecam is the ultimate solution for placing reliable, affordable and robust surveillance where you need it. Our solar power camera systems transmit wireless video up to an amazing 20 miles, using only the power of the Sun.

All Sun Surveillance video systems are designed as turnkey units that are easy for end users to install. SolsticeCam is the total wireless solution, meaning not even a power supply is required for this system. Your professional surveillance footage is recorded in real time from a location miles away that is convenient for you. Our systems are solar powered with a five day battery bank, thus eliminating the risk of any power failure.


Sun Surveillance provides a variety of Wireless Solar Powered Cameras. Although we specialize in manufacturing a variety of
turnkey solutions, we also design systems to fit individual needs. Contact Sun Surveillance today and let us prove to you why we
are considered the world leader in Wireless Solar Powered Surveillance!


Cost Benefit Analysis

The payback from a one time investment in our technology could be overnight. Liability, theft prevention, and security is
something your company cannot operate without. Compare our wireless security systems with the cost, performance, and
reliability of security guards and you will find that SolsticeCam wireless solar powered surveillance systems are the optimal



• Because worldwide construction is at an all time high, the price for raw materials is at an all time high as well. Theft and
• vandalism has proven to be an age old problem however, technology is now available to counteract this trend.
• Theft and vandalism
• Health and Safety Reliability
• Increased site management



• Allow yourself the most dynamic security option available with real time high level monitoring via Internet. Keep an eye on your
assets and your investment.
• Remote site surveillance
• Online reactive monitoring
• Desktop asset management

• Waterways
• Virtually any part of a waterway system can be monitored. Visual data of vulnerable or heavy traffic areas will provide effective
management control.



• Your most valuable assets will be protected because surveillance is accessed remotely.
• Trees, shrubbery, and crops
• Livestock and hatcheries
• Farm equipment and installations


SolsticeCam (SS-FAC-P)

Wireless Solar Powered Fixed Analog Camera System

The SolsticeCam Fixed Analog Camera (SS-FAC-P) is our most affordable turnkey wireless solar powered camera system. The SolsticeCam Fixed Analog unit has two transmission distances available. The SS-FAC-700-P transmits analog video with a range of up to 700 ft LOS (line of sight) and the SS-FAC-5280-P transmits up to 1 mile LOS. Because the system is an analog camera with an analog 2.4GHz wireless signal, these units easily integrate into pre-existing CCTV systems. These units, as with all SolsticeCam wireless solar powered systems, operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Applications for the SolsticeCam Fixed Analog Camera System
might include construction sites, parking lots, manufacturing facilities, agricultural sites and more.



SolsticeCam (SS-MIFC-900MHZ-P)

Wireless Solar Powered Mobotix Network IP Camera System

The SolsticeCam Mobotix Fixed IP Network Camera (SS-MFIC-900MHZ-P) is the latest in our line of turnkey wireless solar powered camera systems and is quickly becoming the most popular.  The  state of the art Mobotix M12D IP camera has all the features of the Sony IP camera yet it requires less power consumption, meaning this unit’s price is far less.  The Mobotix camera also has some additional features not included with the Sony such as free recording software and two-way audio.



SolsticeCam (SS-FIC-900MHZ-P)

Wireless Solar Powered Sony Network IP Camera System

The SolsticeCam Sony Fixed Network IP Camera System (SS-FIC-900MHZ-P) is the most expensive of the fixed IP  wireless solar powered camera systems and is the system most familiar to security integrators. The IP system differ from the analog system in that the video can be seamlessly integrated for viewing in a web browser, among other things.  The standard radio transmission of all IP based SolsticeCam wireless solar powered camera systems is 900MHz which can be used for non line of sight applications.  Typical applications include residential, manufacturing, construction, government and perimeter protection.




SolsticeCam (SS-FIC-900MHZ-P)

Wireless Solar Powered SONY PTZ Network IP Camera System

The SolsticeCam Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Network Camera System (SS-PTZ-900MHZ-P) is the most advanced turnkey wireless solar powered camera system.  This unit is ideal
for applications that call for live surveillance or live video monitoring in which the user needs to view the entire field of view. Applications might include perimeter protection,
ranches, construction sights, farms, residential, government and municipal, police protection and more.